Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Presidential Candidates

Dear Presidential Candidates,

The founding fathers charged us with the responsibilty to tell you what we know to be important.

We know that improving national security requires the neighborhoods in our nation become more secure. Escalating poverty amongst the lower class has proven fatal for young scholars living in chicago and newark and has lead to urban militias occupying communities in New Orleans.

We know that our country has a vested interest in Middle Eastern stability. But instability in Middle America has resulted in violence reaching churches and hard working citizens being forced to foreclose their homes.

You've admitted that it is impossible for our country to prosper when so many citizens lack hope and resources. But we need to hear more about your plans to calm the immediate threat posed by civil unrest within our borders.

Decisions are made by those who show up. Well we've shown up by volunteering many hours and reaching deep into our piggy banks. And we will continue to do a lil bit more so that the next President of the United States knows that even though you can't fix everything all at once, every lil bit of change counts.

Yours faithfully,

The Citizens

A Lil Bit of Ticker Tape