Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are moving in...

...to the White House. There is no need to tell us to take our shoes off; we have purchased new shoes for this very day. We have known this day was coming for a while. Our parents told us our children would see it, but we felt it was important to accelerate the process. We knew the effect our generation could have on generations to come. Now the world knows as well. We welcome the Change Generation to the White House.
We staked claim to the lot and house
66% of all voters age 18-29 voted Obama

This was not our first election, most of us witnessed democracy in past elections, even if we weren’t old enough to participate. We watched people move into our house the last time. This time we wanted to pick out the drapes.

Clearing and excavation
69& of all first time voters voted for Obama

We have been waiting to move in. For many of us, this will be our first home. The apathy we were once known for is no more. We are proud of our home. We are excited to dispel the myths of attrition and lackadaisical post election involvement. We have formed bonds across socio-economic lines that we intend to keep. We are proud of our country.

We are committed to the continued maintenance
"I'm building me a home"—an adaptation

We have been building this home. When you saw us crying, we were building this home. When you saw us praying, we were building this home. It is more than this White House, which will someday decay. It’s about having a place for our souls to stay.

Change generation, welcome home…to The White House!

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