Friday, August 29, 2008

Political Biz

At the Perennial Entertainment party @ DNC '08

Biz Markie: "If you don't want no Drama..."
Crowd: "Vote for Obama!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obamanation: The acceptance of the Nomination

As we sit (as Black Man in America) and witness Sen. Barack Obama accept the nomination to be President of the United States of America, we are thankful to the Democratic Party for their courage and fearlessness and belief in the strength of the democracy that is this great nation's hallmark.

Our notes on a speech that ran close to an hour:

The video began and was a humble and moving tribute to the promise that "we make to our children, that each of us can make what we want of our lives."

"Nowhere else on Earth is my story even possible", said the Senator.

For the first time we see the intimate relationship between Barack and his mother and understand HOW he was raised.

The video is being played on the outside of the arena, you can see people standing to watch it.

One of the sickest wedding pictures of all time!!! Michelle lays in Barack's lap.

They showed all people of all ages and in all times zones (California, Times Square, etc)

People are crying

The flashing lights: everyone scrambling to be apart of the moment that they made happen.

The next President walks out and even he had tears in his eyes, and a fresh line up on his head.

Michelle looked so strong and so focused on what it is that she would have to do. She is his rock, it is obvious.

He had a grin and a suit on that was crisp and perfect.

Flashing lights going off everywhere!!!

This is the biggest convention ever!!!!

"I accept your nomination for Presidency of the United States of America"

Who ever cried at their own convention before?

Shout out to HRC real quick, the candidate who "traveled the farthest"

(We can't help but think "where is John Edwards?")

BO shouts to Bill Clinton. Man this dude is humble.

Joe Biden has a smile that says "I will kill somebody for you, Obama."

Began with greetings to everyone.
Joe Biden, Clintons, Wife and Kids, Chairman of the convention

Brought the ideal of the defining moments to the forefront
"The American promise has been threatened"

lost homes, cars you can't afford, bills you can't afford, tuition beyond your reach


"We cannot be a Nation that sits on its hands while a major American city drowns"


Every shot of people shows them crying

"8 is enough"

******anything he says the people will chant*****

"John McCain thinks George Bush has been right 90% of the time I am not willing to take a 10% chance on change"

In the middle of this speech I came to the realization that he held a concert
"Its not that he doesn't care, he doesn't get it" (about McCain)

"Give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down...
ownership society but really it means you're on your own. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps even if you don't have boots, you're own your own. Its time for them to own their failure."--Barack Obama

"I think he doesn't know" (about John Mc Cain)

"I want to make sure fuel efficient cars of the future are made right here in America."

(this man was giving SPECIFIC plans)

Dudes in the room here in Harlem, NY say, "I want some girls. If they gonna look this cute then I want some daughters"

By the way: the youngest girl will be the wild child.

*****67:02:51:52 ELECTION CLOCK******

"John McCain likes to say he will follow Bin Ladin to the gates of hell, but he won't even follow him to the cave where he lives?!!!!!!?????? You don't defeat a terrorist network that operates in 80 countries by occupying Iraq!!!!"

"We are the party of Roosevelt, we are the party of Kennedy, so don't tell me we won't defend this nation!"

(from friends of ALBC in the stadium)
"How much it cost to rent this stadium and build the set?"
"Cheaper to shoot Superman"
(And the crowd goes wild like Holyfield just won the fight)

I got news for you John McCain, "We ALL put out country first!!"--said Barack Obama

**If you don't have any fresh ideas than you use scare tactics to scare voters
**If your hopes have been dashed again and again then its best to stop hoping
**What the naysayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me, its about you
**for 18 long months you have stood up and said enough to the politics of the past.
**the greatest risk we can take is to play the same old players with the same old plays and expect a different result
**the change doesn't come FROM Washington, it comes TO Washington

Then the podium disappeared into the stage.

We at ALBC saw the definition of faith and hope in this very moment.

That's how we heard it,
2.0n the record

You Should Barack The Vote!

We caught up with Lorielle, founder of Barackawear...perhaps one of the greatest benefactors of and contributors to the Obama Economy...all the celebrities have been rockin the designs she's crafted. Check them out for the latest gear @ and stay tuned for ALBC's exclusive inteview with the founder and an upcoming series on the Obama Economy.

A Lil Bit of Change Rocks the Vote

Our friends at Rock the Vote share our sentiment that you should Know For Yourself. First register to vote, then learn the issues, and then take action.

"1,049,398 17-29 year olds have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is young men and women who are fighting these wars. It is young wives and husbands; young sisters and brothers.

This is about our future; our lives. We are speaking out and demanding change."-RTV

Rock the Vote for A Lil Bit of Change

Random shots of Downtown Denver

Lets clean it up

50 flag salute

And the old way was?

Take me to another place, take me to another land

Change Calisthenics

Flag Bearer

One of many odd Obama related wares

Spin the clown

Energy efficient and will take you out if you step off the curb

No, I didn't go inside

Your humble correspondent

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jonathan Rollins

In honor of my working in L.A. this summer at the firm that Vault (I think it was Vault) says L.A. Law may've been based on, I took a pic of Blair Underwood-pause

Change Shoes and Socks

Boy o boy have we done alot of walking. Like so much walking that around dusk I like to go change my shoes and socks. You see, I'm trying to preserve the sexiness of my loafers. You can't expect to put so much constant wear and tear on your slippers and expect them to hold up.

***Thanks to Coca-Cola for keeping us hydrated***

We've been criss-crossing downtown Denver running into really interesting people who are passionate about change and taking an active role in bringing that change to life. It's been so inspiring to hear people's stories about why they are in Denver and what they envision the future to be. We've documented most of it and will produce it in video form shortly so I don't want to spoil it; however, the consistent theme is, everyone at the Convention has channeled Senator Obama's message of hope and change to drive them towards action. Even the dissenters felt compelled to take planes, trains and automobiles to Denver so that their voices could be heard.

Pardon my momentary corniness but this experience has greatly influenced my outlook on democracy. Like for real. Change requires action which means we have to stop whining about how bad things are and get on the grind to make things better. Admittedly that's a blanket statement but there's no universal approach to taking an active role in government. In plain terms, do something, anything...but merely complain.

(Stepping off my soapbox and changing from loafers to Air Max)

The Other Jay-Z

U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)

The Obama Economy

Hello Friends,

Lets get straight to it and start from last night. The Genius and I were supposed to bunk up at a relative of a relatives crib. Problem is, we didn't head home til around 2am. Bad idea. We get to the door and I notice Genius lightly touch the doorbell to which I remarked, "aint no quiet way to ring a doorbell. It gets extra loud after midnight."

So after no one answered we decided to find a hostel. After being told there was no room in the inn twice (all of the hotels in the Denver area are sold out this week), we found a Comfort Inn that was being run by a gentleman of my own heart. He said, "are y'all with AAA," we replied, "we could be," he replied, "man yall ain't supposed to say that; just say yeah." The rest is history. Lets just say we paid less than the standard rate.

So on to more important matters. The Obama Economy. Small business owners have sprouted out of seemingly nowhere to create and sell Barack Obama related wares. We'll speak on this issue more in depth in the coming days but for now here are some pics to get you warmed up.

Change Confidential Program

As you know we are all about Change. Not too much too fast, just a lil bit. Nice and steady. Recently, we have started capturing ordinary citizens unafraid to share their stories of change big or small.

We present to you the latest installment of A Lil Bit of Change

Don't Change A Word

Quotes pulled from Senator Barack Obama's essay, Renewing American Leadership
Foreign Affairs July/August 2007 Vol 86, Number 4

"We need to invest with our allies in strengthening weak states and helping to rebuild failed ones...we need to deepen our knowledge of the circumstances and beliefs that underpin extremism."

"Our essential challenge is to build a relationship that broadens cooperation while strengthening our ability to compete."

"By 2050, global demand for low carbon energy could create an annual market worth $500 billion. Meeting that demand would open new frontiers for American entreprenuers and workers"

"I believe...that it is time for a new generation to tell the next great American story. If we act with boldness and foresight, we will be able to tell our grandchildren that this was the time when we helped forge peace in the Middle East. This is the time we confronted climate change and secured the weapons that could destroy the human race."

"This is our moment to renew the trust and faith of our people- and all people- in an America that battles immediate evils, promotes an ultimate good, and leads the world once more."

Changing Time Zones

Hello Friends,

A Lil Bit of Change chartered a commercial flight and decided to get away from Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time; we chose to meet in the middle,(kinda) Mountain Standard Time. America is still America out here even though we are a mile in the sky and we've been wheezing every time we try to walk and talk.

However, the high altitude has its benefits. A few months ago we published a letter to the Presidential candidates; but today we had the bright idea of expanding the concept into a series of letters to the President. We believe that change starts with the people, not the President or Congress. If the people don't speak up and express what type of change they desire, then elected officials are left to conjure up ideas on their own. While our favorite Presidential candidate seems more than capable of putting together a nice reform package, we don't want to leave him to walk the journey alone (we'll refrain from opinionalizationalism on our less than favorite Presidential candidate). Therefore, we're capturing everyday Americans speaking directly to the candidates and even to our sitting (on his hands) President.

We look forward to eavesdropping on the conversations.

ps. We showed up in Denver with no room, just a rental car, so we had to leave our baggage behind

A Lil Bit of Ticker Tape

A History of Change