Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't Change the Channel: The Year in Review

We are multimedia historians, documenting and sharing change as it happens with the world at large. We were there ... and so were you. From the announcement of Barack Obama's candidacy in Springfield, IL our agents were on the ground and we were only a click away from experiencing that moment through their eyes to spearheading fundraising initiatives in New York City for the Quarterly Reporting Deadline, which reached across the country to our peers working in Los Angeles or studying in Tennessee. ALBC stitched a quilt of all the memories of people involved in various facets of the Presidential Election on both the micro and macro levels by facilitating conversations and preserving emotions in photographs, videos, and personal essays. We are collecting the artifacts of our generation, a generation that will never forget the events of 2008, The Generation of Change. ALBC knows that the election of Barack Obama is not the culmination of Change, but it is the beginning, and we are the stewards who will ensure the preservation of the legacy this Change has provided.

The Possible Dream from George Twopointoh on Vimeo.

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