Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Change The Way We Converse

...and we ain't talking bout the Chuck Taylors on your feet. Last night, James Andrew (BKA "The Key Influencer") and Hill Harper hosted a web chat on Harper's social media network forrealsolutions.com. What was unique about this conversation was the interactivity of the chat as participants phoned in, typed in the chat rooms, and sent updates via twitter - all in the name of social change. A single mother from Atlanta phoned in with her concerns about having men around her young daughter. Hill Harper responded to the caller's concerns by telling her that "...not every man is a predator to your daughter. If you sequester her away from men, the only relationship she knows with men will be sexual and that is dangerous." Meanwhile, people in the chat room shared links and programs for her to look into, including the blogger from whataboutourdaughters.com

One of my mentors, Dr. Walter E. Fluker, talked frequently about what Howard Thurman termed the "Beloved Community," often prompting discussions about the condition of the modern "Black Community" and the way it has changed post integration? I believe I stumbled upon a glimpse of what our community will look like in the future. We are a community of concerned individuals, of all races, who refuse to see any of its members suffer a social, economic, educational or political death.

IndieBusiness: Question: So is owning a business a civil right issue? If blacks are hardest hit by economic downturns, isn't business ownership essential as opposed to just a good option? I think so. Others?

Wealth_Builder: @IndieBusiness..business ownership is going to be essential for blacks, as in my opinion, we are experiencing the disappearance of the middle class.

The conversation spanned the spectrum from economics to entertainment, but two words were consistently tossed around: "Grassroots" and "Social Media". There is no doubt that the marriage of technology with the grassroots and social media movements will result in a formidable change for all. Be a part of the conversation and help facilitate the change.

For more information, check out these links:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Swagger Like O

Nobody on the corner got swagger like Obama (PERIOD). It was even evident in a series of college photos recently published by TIME magazine. Young men, step your game up - we are in the sunrise of a new era. If you thought your throwback and fitted cap was gonna take you into the realm of Manhood, you may want to rethink that. Even Jay Z and Kanye West are attempting to redefine the mold of 'Swaggerdom' in recent months, complete with the nappy fro, but what Obama has in common with our pop icons is something internal so it doesn't matter how you dress it up or down, true character shines through.

Some people confuse talent, whether it be of the artistic, political, business, or intellectual acumen as character. Character is something much stronger than talent and swagger combined. Many American Presidents have spoken of the value of character. Woodrow Wilson once said:

"If you will think about what you ought to do for other people, your character will take care of itself. Character is a by-product, and any man who devotes himself to its cultivation in his own case will become a selfish prig."
Ralph Waldo Emerson offered this insightful gem (maybe at Walden Pond while he was mentoring Henry David Thoreau):

"The true test of civilization is not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops - no, but the kind of man the country turns out."
So even in this period of economic peril, America has the ability to churn out something that will last longer than any industry bail-out or political term. We are presented with another unique opportunity in history, much like the 60s with icons like Kennedy and King, where we can create a generation of men and women whose character will be strong enough to stand the test of time and that will become our nation's greatest resource.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Should the CBC Change Colors?

"...there has been an unofficial Congressional White Caucus for over 200 years, and now it's our turn to say who can join 'the club.' ...we are concerned with the needs and concerns of the black population, and we will not allow white America to infringe on those objectives."

-Rep. William Clay, Jr. (D-MO) January 2007

The above quote was Rep. Clay's response to White Rep. Steve Cohen's (D-TN) attempt to join the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Almost two years later, a Republican Vietnamese-American, Joesph Cao defeated incumbent William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson by 3% to be elected as the US rep. for Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District - a district that is mainly comprised of Black constituents. Leutisha Stills of Jack and Jill Politics posed the question: Should non-Black representatives who represent African-American constituents " join or engage in the caucus that would educate them about the needs of their district and allow them to effectively represent their district?"

ALBC poses the following as our response: Is the CBC's purpose to be a coalition for general black issues or are they a coalition focused on issues inherent to black constituents?

The Congressional Black Caucus's Mission Statement reads as follows, "Our mission is to advance the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy and educating the public." If the mission statement is taken at face value, the answer to our question would be that the CBC is a coalition for general black issues. With this understanding, our stance would be no, the CBC should not be integrated.

However, when a closer look is taken at the means by which the CBC says it will achieve it's mission, which includes: "Facilitating the exchange of ideas and information to address critical issues affecting [Black] communities," then the CBC is operating as a coalition focused on issues inherent to Black constituents. The issues that Black communities face do not change based upon the race of the elected officials serving those communities and it could possibly be a disservice to such communities if their representatives are not educated on the issues from the "inside" of the CBC.

Perhaps, as Kweisi Mfume, National President of the NAACP suggested in a Baltimore Sun article published today, the ways by which the CBC will achieve it's mission will change under the Obama presidency because "...the CBC [is] now faced with the welcome prospect of a White House that's less of an adversary and more of a partner,"and the inclusion of non-Blacks in the CBC will not thwart the mission of the caucus.

In practice, to add non-Blacks contradicts the mission as CBC members have upheld it in the past and it potentially dilutes the potency of the coalition as a voting block in congress; this is because if Cao is granted membership as a Vietnamese rep from Louisiana, not only is he a Republican but he also has a lot of Vietnamese constituents whom may not be affected in the same way by legislation/law as Blacks, making him more prone than any other member of the CBC to not vote with the group. The legitimacy of the CBC is that they consistently stick together on major issues with close votes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Barack and the Bar

How about starting your Monday off with some good news. Here's a nice find from past Change Agent Jovian Zayne

Pt. 128 of why I love this President. He gives me Youtubes, email's me, and by sheer viritue of his election, dictates the need for emergency legislation that will allow any District establishment with a liquor license, including resturants and nightclubs, to serve drinks until 5 a.m. and serve food 24 hours from January 17th until the morning after the historic swearing-in on the 20th.

Man, I really can't wait until he legalizes teleportation.
-Jovian Zayne

District Raises a Glass to History

Council Lengthens Bar Hours During Inaugural Period

By David Nakamura
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 3, 2008; Page B01

In the mood to celebrate President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration at a D.C. bar? For four days in January, they'll be open 24 hours a day. Under emergency legislation approved by the D.C. Council yesterday, any District establishment with a liquor license, including restaurants and nightclubs, will be allowed to serve alcohol until 5 a.m. -- three hours later than usual -- and serve food round-the-clock from Jan. 17 until the morning after Obama's swearing-in on Jan. 20.

The bill, an idea of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, was introduced by council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1), who represents the nightlife-heavy neighborhoods of Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant.

The council approved the bill, 9 to 4, with Graham voting against it after the measure, which originally excluded nightclubs at Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's request, was revised on the dais to include them. Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), Carol Schwartz (R-At Large) and Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) also voted against the bill.

With large crowds expected to come to Washington for the inauguration, the city must be able to meet their entertainment demands, Graham had said while introducing the measure. But Mendelson, chairman of the council's Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary, countered, warning of increased crime, violence and drunken driving.

"I know a lot of people are excited about the inauguration, and I share that excitement," Mendelson said. "But there are very few people I know of out partying at 5 in the morning or 4 in the morning who aren't getting drunk. I think there are going to be consequences to that from a public safety and public order point of view. It's not a good policy to be supporting."

In an ordinary week, bars and nightclubs can serve alcohol until 2 a.m. weekdays and until 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. The only day the city regularly extends drinking hours is Jan. 1, when bars can serve alcohol until 4 a.m.

The legislation quickly drew the ire of civic leaders, who complained that the council did not seek public input.

"I see the potential for why you'd want to do it, in terms of this being a historic election, but to just throw this down on neighborhoods?" said Bryan Weaver, head of the Adams Morgan advisory neighborhood commission. "To have 3 1/2 days of 24-hour service without any input from the community -- there's going to be hell to pay from a lot of neighborhood associations."

But Andrew J. Kline, general counsel for the restaurant association, said Obama's inauguration is a once-in-a-lifetime event worthy of special rules. He said spontaneous celebrations broke out on city streets until the early morning after Obama won the general election Nov. 4.

Kline said it was important for the council to pass the legislation quickly because bars and restaurants are booking private parties for the week.

"It makes sense to have places for people to go when they're in a celebratory mood," Kline said. "It's just a few days. All of us are going to be somewhat inconvenienced, but that's outweighed by a wonderful historic event."

The move is not without precedent in other cities. During the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., this summer, eight bars and restaurants were allowed to remain open two extra hours, until 4 a.m.

Whether the D.C. law will require other agencies to alter their plans remains uncertain. Metro said it would extend service hours on Inauguration Day, from 4 a.m. Jan 20 to 2 a.m. Jan. 21. Otherwise, the transit authority will run regular service, closing at midnight weekdays and 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Graham, a member of the Metro board, said the agency is working on a plan to further extend hours of service.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soapbox Sunday: Keep your feet on the floor!!!

A shoe, seriously, a shoe? Nah, that's not cool at all. And he missed...twice. When I was a kid and I used to rough house with my friends, my mom would always say, "keep your feet to yourself." Punch, tussle, whatever just don't kick or spit. This makes "That One" seem like a compliment.

I'll refrain from saying how I think he should be punished, which should indicate how severely barbaric I believe it should be. Love him or hate him, President Bush is still the President of OUR United States. Effectively, he threw his shoe at US(A) by aiming at the President. Pardon our French, but ALBC is pissed!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Changing Careers: Mayor-elect Kevin Johnson

While President Elect Barack Obama was making history as the first African-American to be elected POTUS, retired NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson, former point guard for the Phoenix Suns, became the first Black elected mayor of Sacramento, California. This almost went under our radar and we wanted to spare you the draw dropping expression at your company's holiday party next week.

A political science graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, mayor-elect Johnson isn't the first former professional athlete to go political. You may recall US Congressman J.C. Watts, two time Orange Bowl MVP, being drafted as quarterback by the New York Jets or Hall of Famer Bill Bradley slapping boards in the NBA for the Knicks before becoming a US Senator. How about former professional wrestler, Jesse "The Body" Ventura threw his hat into another ring and became Governor of Minnesota. (Okay, you're correct. That was a stretch, but he was a professional "athlete," right?)

We at ALBC would like to congratulate Mayor Elect Johnson for his major change and his choice. He changed careers and chose the people of Sacramento. Mr. Mayor, it appears they chose you as well. Congratulations!!And here is the rest of it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When Change Goes Wrong

Here's what happens when absolute power corrupts...absolutely. Seriously, you would think Governor Blagojevich would've known better since his predecessor is currently serving time. According to Politico.com, when the federal prosecutor called the Governor to alert him to the alphabet boys outside his home his response was, "Is this a joke?" We're wondering the same thing.

Sadly sir, this is no joke. And U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will not treat this like a game; he's the real deal. He's sort of like Eliot Spitzer without the penchant for ladies of the night. But don't take our word for it, ask Governor Ryan or Scooter Libby. Better still, Know for Yourself!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Change Agent: J.Kwest is Julian DeShazier

If you were to describe your craft to a room full of people who knew nothing about you, what would you tell them?

J.Kwest is the Inspiration for the Next Generation...the Soundtrack to Try Harder, Love Deeper, and Go Higher. If you are upset your music has lost its activist edge, have no fear! The Renaissance has returned, and J.Kwest is the leader of a new brand of music.

Why did you decide upon this medium as your form of expression?

I belong to the hip-hop generation and have always appreciated rap's ability to be creative yet speak prophetically to any situation. Although hip-hop has taken a sharp right turn into the heart of consumerism, I still believe in the power of good music to liberate young folks and open up their potential to be "change agents" for themselves. Good songs do what no sermon, speech, or article can accomplish, and all of these forms are necessary. I've always wanted to represent the power of MUSIC.

I Am (Obama) from red green on Vimeo.

What is Change and are people ready for it to affect them directly?

Change is first the awareness that any given REALITY has an even higher POSSIBILITY: What we experience can be better. The awareness is followed by a Commitment to working towards that possibility. The moment we become aware we are changed forever, and our commitment signals our readiness to change the world around us. We are already Changed, and it's a short distance for this generation to be ready to CHANGE. They just have to know it's possible, and it begins within.

What has been the best response to your brand of Change so far?

The press is great (and necessary) but the personal emails touch me most. These come from hard working folks who just want to tell me they listen to my cd every day, when they work out or on the way to work. When I hear people say, "this song changed the way I think about this situation." That lets me know I'm helping folks become what they are called to be.

What is the title of the book about your life?

"The Kingdom Within: Rediscovering God, Self, and the World Every Day" (alternate title: "Atta Boy")

Where can people interested in you find your work find you and how can they support you?

The Hub for PureMusic is at www.jkwest.com. You can find me everywhere else on the web from there. Support by visiting the site and joining the beloved PureMusic community. Eventually you'll buy a cd, but if you let your friends know about J.Kwest and this unique brand of music, we'll all grow together. Tell a Friend, Tell Again...Change has Come. lov

Change the Channel

Don't call it a comeback. Bob Johnson has announced the plans for his new Urban Television venture, which sounds like a long needed innovation for the world of Televison. Johnson says he likes " the idea of companioning a broadcast concept with an interactive platform ... Why do we always have to go back to that old model that says this is how television has to be?"

Read the Reuters/Hollywood Reporter article here: http://www.reuters.com/article/televisionNews/idUSTRE4B11I520081202

Check out the official press release from The RLJ Companies below:

BETHESDA, Md., Dec 08, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies today outlined additional details of his proposed programming model for Urban Television, LLC, pending the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) approval of recently filed applications seeking share-time licenses that will enable Urban to broadcast programming on a digital channel of ION stations in 42 markets.

Johnson's plan is to develop a new and innovative broadcast model rather than provide programming under traditional broadcast models where programming, content, and advertising are solely controlled by the broadcast owner. His vision is to create a "content mall" where programming ideas would be solicited from the creative/talent community, as well as major advertisers. This model also includes an opportunity to align the broadcast programming content with an interactive Internet site which would provide for interactive programming, e-commerce, and more robust programming opportunity.

Mr. Johnson explained, "Think of this model as a creative television content mall where you find broad, mass-appeal content that serves as the anchor and niche programming that fills out the channel. Using this concept, our 24-hour continuous programming will be designed to attract creative entrepreneurs and to meet the interests and lifestyle of a variety of urban viewers."
Johnson has taken proactive steps to contact members of the African American creative, editorial, and entertainment community like producer Tyler Perry, Linda Johnson Rice, President and CEO of Ebony Magazine, and singer and actress Beyonce Knowles to inform them of the opportunity to participate in content and programming, as well as ownership.

"I have informed the entertainment community that if this is approved by the FCC, I will be able to provide distribution on Urban Television to provide them with another avenue to produce additional programs," Johnson stated. "If Ebony magazine wants to create programming that is based on their magazine content, or Beyonce wants to showcase her fashion clothing line and tie in an e-commerce link, I could provide her with a programming time slot and she can produce and own her program," he added.

Urban Television would invite program owners to identify advertisers and develop programming and Urban would share in the advertising revenue, as well as make the distribution and channels available. Mr. Johnson envisions that Urban Television have a public interest focus. Areas of public interest programming include an all-news, all-talk channel or a lifestyle and wellness channel focused on health, an issue that disproportionately affects African-Americans. ION Media Networks has experience with health and wellness programming through their 42 existing stations where these important messages can be delivered directly to 65 million people in our target audience.

Brandon Burgess added, "Our existing stations have a strong footprint in key urban markets, including New York, Chicago, and Boston and a host of other major urban markets. We have stations in all 20 of the top 20 markets and it is our goal, partnering with Urban Television, to add broader and more comprehensive content to our existing programming while at the same time offering diversity in programming and diversity in ownership."

About The RLJ Companies: The RLJ Companies, founded by Robert L. Johnson, owner of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats and founder of Black Entertainment Television, is a diverse portfolio of companies in the financial services, asset management, real estate, hospitality, professional sports, film production, and gaming industries. An innovative business network, The RLJ Companies seeks to target undiscovered or underserved markets; then exercise solid management to achieve results. The RLJ Companies is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, with operations in Charlotte, Los Angeles, Florida, and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit http://www.rljcompanies.com/.

Media inquiries to Urban Television should be directed to Traci Otey Blunt, The RLJ Companies for Urban Television, LLC 240.744.7858 or press@rljcompanies.com

About ION Media Networks: ION Media Networks, Inc. owns and operates the nation's largest broadcast television station group, which reaches over 94 million U.S. television households via its nationwide broadcast television, cable and satellite distribution systems. The Company owns 59 of its 60 full-power broadcast television stations, including stations in each of the top 20 U.S. markets and 39 of the top 50. ION Media's flagship general entertainment network, ION Television, features a broad mix of popular television series and theatrical and made-for-television movies. Utilizing its digital multicasting capability, the Company has launched several digital TV brands, including qubo, a channel for children focusing on literacy and values, and ION Life, a channel dedicated to active living and personal growth. It also has launched Open Mobile Ventures Corporation (OMVION), a business unit focused on the research and development of portable, mobile and out-of-home transmission technology using over-the-air digital television spectrum. For more information, visit http://www.ionmedia.com/.

Media inquiries to ION Media Networks should be directed to Amelie Tseng, ION Media Networks, Public Relations, 973.897.8868 or amelie.tseng@comcast.net

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Notable Quotable

"There are some who speak of a team of rivals, but I've never seen it that way. Past competitors? Yes. But rivals implies something harder-edged and less forgiving. And in the worlds of diplomacy and commerce, you open markets and minds not with rivalry, but instead with partnership and innovation and hard work,"
- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson at the press conference announcing his appointment as Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration.

Change Agent: Nastassia A. Davis

ALBC is blessed to be counted among the growing number of people who are familiar with the work of Nastassia Davis, this weeks' featured Agent of Change. Get to know the woman and her visual masterpieces for yourself, here's a sampling: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aarika/

If you were to describe your craft to a room full of people who knew nothing about you, what would you tell them?

I take all of my own photos in the privacy of my own home. It’s all about making magical images from my life or my imagination but using composition and Photoshop to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Self-portraiture allows complete control over every element of the shot, enabling a different character to be created in every image. Although in some images, I don’t see myself at all. Sometimes, I disappear.

What starts a Nastassia portrait? All I need is a spark of inspiration: a song, a garment, crimps in my hair after I’ve unraveled the braids; I might spy myself in a mirror across the room and feel the sudden urge to capture it on camera. It’s the fascination of sometimes becoming something entirely different from which I am really in reality.

Why did you decide upon this medium as your form of expression?

I’ve always loved photography. When I was 14, my father gave me his old rolleiflex camera and taught me how to use it. Everywhere I went, that camera went with me too. In college, I took up a digital photography course where I learned the basic essentials of editing in Photoshop. This camera and digital processing quickly took over film because of the instant gratification I received.

It’s easiest to use myself as the model in most cases, because not always is someone else available.

What is Change and are people ready for it to affect them directly?

Change is having a fearless spirit. Change is sacrifice. Change is commitment. We have the power to turn our lives and communities around for the better if we just stay focused and remain fearless. As a whole, this nation is clearly ready for change. Whether people realize it or not, it’s happening right before our eyes. They’ve spoken by just electing the first African-American President of the United States of America! If that doesn’t scream change on a monumental scale, then I don’t know what does.

What has been the best response to your brand of Change so far?

Having my portrait “Rosa (Parks) -Yes, We Can!” printed in a leading U.K newspaper, the Guardian. Also, it’s published in a book entitled “A Message for Obama” which is available for purchase now:

The proceeds will go to a charity to help get clean water to the civilians of Uganda. I am very proud of this achievement and it only pushes me to create and come up with more lovely portraits!

What is the title of the book about your life?

It’s still being written! I’m far from where I want to be with my craft. Give me about a year, at least. I should have something enticing to call it by then. =)

Where can people interested in you find your work find you and how can they support you?

My best work has yet to come. However, what I have thus far can be found on my flickr gallery under “Personal Works.” www.flickr.com/aarika. I’m working on a slew of new portraits and also collaborating with other artists in the future as well. Those interested in supporting me can sign up to flickr now (it’s free!) and check back often for new material. Most importantly, I encourage you to leave messages and comments under the photos you like. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

Why does everybody need A Lil Bit of Change?

Us young freedom fighters need somewhere to call home, don’t we?

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Next Frontier of Change: Hollywood

“We’re far more likely to have a black president [than a Black leading man on a prime time Drama] in my lifetime ... oh, yeah ... I can stop saying that now.”
- Tim Reid

Change has arrived in America, but that doesn't mean it made it to Hollywood. I remember a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago, she pointed out that we chose the two most racist (and expensive) industries to work in: film & fashion. I joked in response that we must like a good fight. In the world of Entertainment, civility and political correctness take a backseat to the bottom line and the highest bidder (street walking may be a more open minded workplace). It is an industry where an executive can call an athlete or entertainer the equivalent of "a stupid nigger" and then ink a million dollar advertising deal with that individual or even pitch them to be an ambassador for the UN - because race matters but satisfying the audience matters more.

So, we have a Black President. How will that translate to the big and small screens? We've heard the mumblings of a Black Bond ... I guess that's cool, but can't we just have a whole new franchise with a Black Bond-like character? Putting Jamie Foxx or Sean Combs in the shoes of James Bond is kind of like coloring the face on a Hallmark card Black, it's easier to just buy from the Mahogany section or convince Hallmark to make characters on their generic cards multi-ethnic. Same thing goes for the rumors about a Black version of Friends, did Black people even watch Friends?? The studios and networks need to be more creative - they pay people [well] for that.

Clarence Page, in his widely printed Op-Ed piece: Movie Producers Stuggle to Capture Obama Impact , suggested that "Hollywood would do well to savor this moment. For now, Obama has tapped a spirit of national pride, unity and respect for racial and cultural diversity that a lot of us Americans wish could last forever." Three of the Four readers on the Houston Chronicle website that commented expressed a level of annoyance with the "Obama-Media love fest". That doesn't look so good for the market research on a Black Bond, moviegoers may not want politics in their popcorn - I can hear future moviegoers in their $14 assigned seats at Hollywood's Archlight Theater, "...first they get The Whitehouse, then Bond, what's next? Superman?"

Perhaps in response to the Page piece, New York Times TV journalist, Bill Carter explored the impact of a Black President on the small screen this weekend in his article, "TV Casting May Feel Obama Effect." Carter reports that most networks are busy developing programming to match the reprogrammed consciousness of our country. In the same school of thought as Clarence Page, Gary Newman, co-chairman of the Twentieth Century Fox offered a more realistic impact Obamamania could have on pop culture,“We may see more chances taken on comedies that feel more hopeful rather than the sarcastic, cynical style we’ve seen a lot of recently,” Mr. Newman said. “The Obama success seems to have put people more in touch with their more hopeful side.” This may be true, but the hope Newman is talking about may not translate to more faces of color in positions of power in the Hollywood system ... and hey, I enjoy American sarcastic cynicism - it's the closest thing to wit that the general public can enjoy.

Actor/Producer/Entertainer Tim Reid (yeah, we know him as the Dad from 'Sister, Sister' but check his imdb page - the man's an expert in the field) provided Carter with the best commentary on the subject (via email as the article states), "If the president-elect should have any positive influence over the so-called liberal base of Hollywood, it will be by focusing their attention on the reality of the kind of multicultural world we actually live in ... This doesn't just mean putting another person of color in front of the camera, but giving them an equal opportunity in having a say-so in what is created for the camera." Sounds a lot like what our favorite Director of Photography D.P. said last year in his rant about why Tyler Perry Hates Black People: "If Tyler Perry has this perception of power, I'm sorry this power, as a Black director who has his Black studio in the Black Mecca with all these same Black actors making these horrible Black pseudo-Christian films with Cicely Tyson as the Grandmother... is sooooooo down for Black people, he should be able to find some Black technical talent."

The only way to measure whether or not the impact of Barack Obama will change Hollywood is not by counting the number of Black faces in lead roles on prime time tv shows or blockbuster films, but true change would have made it to Hollywood when the people with the power to greenlight films and tv series reflect the diversity of our nation and provide qualified representations of all persons (the last bit is from my mission statement, studios should feel free to hire me!).

ALBC is on Twitter!

We know, you already knew about Twitter and we're late, right? You are already one of the 5 million subscribers worldwide, huh? Thought not. For more info on Twitter meet us "after the jump." In the meantime in be"TWEET" time follow us at www.twitter.com/alilbitofchange! Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. The sender can restrict delivery to those in his or her circle of friends (delivery to everyone being the default). Users can receive updates via the Twitter website, SMS, RSS, email or through an application such as TwitterFon, Twitterrific, Feedalizr or Facebook. For SMS, four gateway numbers are currently available: short codes for the United States, Canada, and India, as well as a United Kingdom-based number for international use. Several third parties offer posting and receiving updates via email. Twitter had by one measure over 3 million accounts and by another, well over 5 million visitors in September 2008 which was a fivefold increase in a month. (adapted from Wiki)

A Lil Bit of Ticker Tape