Thursday, September 18, 2008

Change Agent: Jovian Irvin, changing perspectives

On a recent trip to China, this week's Change Agent, Jovian Irvin discovered that, "some things change, while many, bound by our human experience stay the same."

"A New Perspective on Change" by Jovian Irvin

While many things were different in China, some things seemed to be quite the same...

Chinese people still desperately seek the change in their government as we do in ours:

Their babies cry with the same intensity when they need their diapers changed.

Cab drivers fail to put their signals on when they wanna change lanes.

You more than likely have to buy something if you want to break your Yuan and get some change.

The degrees of separation between black people is still less than 2.

A smile from a cute guy would change any girls mood.

Whether you're a 20 something black girl from North Carolina, 80 yr. old Brazilian man, or 40 year old Chinese woman; when you reach the top of the Great Wall, not only do you a new perspective on life and what's REALLY high, you have a renewed fear of heights.

Like many Black kids, Chinese kids will change their hair when something really big is goin on.

Black people tend to find the shade in any desert. Chinese people do the same by bringing it with them.

Homeless people do whatever it takes to make 'a lil bit of change.'

There are still snakes on a plane.

And perhaps more importantly, songs are still in the key of life.

I traveled across China because I wanted more than a change in scenery, I wanted to new perspective. One that would helped me understand the differences in culture; one that would make me more compassionate, understanding and aware of God's presence in this world. This trip did just that--and more. It showed me how in the most basic ways, we are all the same. And that, I realize won't change.

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